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Terms & Conditions

Northern Virginia Gutter Cleaning LLC agrees to provide you, the customer, gutter cleaning service which includes gutters cleaned free of debris, downspouts checked for clogs and functionality, and removal of debris from the roof. We will also tune-up the gutter system, tighten nails reattachment of any loose gutters, but this service does not include gutter re-level, sealing of miters or end-caps, nor does not include removal of moss, algae, or anything attached to the roof. Included, at no cost to the customer, is a complete inspection of the gutters for any potential problems and a visual inspection of the roof and shingle condition, and flashing and pipe vent collars. Though repair issues may be discovered and recommended, no additional repair work will be completed without prior approval from the customer.



There are different ways that you can schedule service with Northern Virginia Gutter Cleaning LLC:

1. You may visit our site and fill out the request service form to schedule service. (This is our preferred and most efficient option.)

2. You may receive an email with a link back to a page on the Site which will allow you to schedule your own service.

3. You may call or email us directly and schedule a service.

If you choose to request service via the Request Service Form you will receive an automated reply from us with general guidelines as to what to expect next as well as the information you submitted about your job. Read this email, carefully review the information you submitted and contact us immediately if any of the information is incorrect.

You are responsible for making sure that the information you have given us is accurate. If there is any information that you are unsure of, such as the size of your home or the pitch of your roof, it is your responsibility to state this to us and ask for clarification which can be done in the comment section of the Request Service Form. If the information in the confirmation email we send you is incorrect, you must contact us to make the appropriate changes as soon as possible. In addition, if you never receive a booking confirmation email, you should email or call us so that we can look into the problem and make sure that you are scheduled for a service call.

Once you confirm the scheduled service date, it will be completed, and there will be charges associated with a truck arriving at your address. You are responsible for canceling service within a minimum of 24 hours of the agreed upon service date. You agree to pay all charges associated with a service vehicle arriving at your property for any appointment not canceled within 24 hours of the agreed upon service date.

Payment is due at the time services are rendered. For your convenience we accept cash, credit card, Paypal, or personal check.

A Returned Check Fee of $40 will be added to the service amount on any returned checks and is collectible.

You agree to pay the crew foreman with a check or credit card after the service is completed if you are at present at the time of service.

You agree that if you are not home at the time of service to pay via credit card, on our website, or mail a check, made payable to NOVA Gutters, to PO Box 1206 Sterling Virginia 20167 within three days of service being completed.

Typically, from the time that you schedule a service with us and the day it is completed is BETWEEN 1 to 10 business days. Business days are defined as Monday through Friday. During the busy seasons, which usually occur in the months of November, December, June and July, service may take longer to complete due to the high demand. Weather can severely delay this waiting process. We will notify you of delays, but do not guarantee to do so. If your service is delayed beyond the 10 business day waiting period, you service IS NOT CANCELLED and WILL STILL BE COMPLETED. This is our promise to you. We will still be working towards a day for the service and you are still responsible for cancelling the service if necessary. We are always available via email and telephone M-F 8-5 or via our contact form on the web site.

You agree to the following scheduling process listed in the section below.

Thank you for your service request. Your home will be (quoted service cost). If you have any further questions about our service and what is included please refer to our website under either the services tab or FAQs tab. You will also find our business license as well as our insurance information on the "home page" of our website as well. Payment is due upon time of service completion. For your convenience payment and prepayment can also be made via our web site with a credit card, debit card or Paypal. Should you choose to pay via our website you are responsible for adding a $3 convenience fee per transaction.

Our next available appointment in your area is (proposed service date) (weather permitting). ***Because each job is unique and we cannot judge how long they will take we are not able to give you a time frame, sorry***. In the event we have to cancel due to the weather we will be out to within the next few days as a make-up appointment. FYI; you are not required to be home at the time of service unless of course you would like to be or have special circumstances that require you to be present. If we see any issues at the time of service we can make notation on the invoice as well.


To finalize your appointment please confirm the pricing as well as the date. If all looks good we will see you on (proposed service date). Thanks again and we look forward to hearing back from you.



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